Went there for national Pizza day absolutely the best pizza i've ever had in my life how's this waste with staff everyone was absolutely wonderful best little secret in Rockford can't wait to go back and eat there again.
Pasta is always absolutely perfect. It's almost bothersome because of the dozens and dozens of times I've made pasta I can NEVER get my noodles perfect yet they do it every time!
We loved the waitress. She gave a big piece of dough to my kids and they were very entertained while waiting for the food. The food was great and you can notice that everything is fresh! Coffee was great!
Reviews this is absolutely the best pizza in rockford illinois. im currently studying abroad in italy and i genuinely miss this pizza. i tell all my friends about it because it's so good. i love the small intamacy inside - it feels like home. they also give the little kids pizza dough to play with, which is the most exciting, cute thiing ever 5
Cozy, 'hole in the wall' Italian restaurant. Food is authentically cooked and deliciously prepared. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Definitely a place I would bring my parents or girlfriend.
Reviews I started going to Giuseppi's after games years ago in high school, and now I bring my kids there! Delicious and affordable food that warms and fills you. My boys love the pizza and I usually get the ravioli, tortellini, or cannelloni. You will not be disappointed. 5
Giuseppi's Pizza & Italian Restaurant 5 5 6
Guiseppi's Pizza and Italian Restaurant has been an Italian tradition for over 20 years in Rockford.
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Rockford, Illinois 61103
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